On average, an ALS diagnosis costs families $63,692 annually*.
These costs can influence family members' abilities to
pursue their own academic interests.

To help offset that burden, in 2016 we started offering a scholarship
for anyone whom has been directly impacted by ALS.

Our Impact So Far:

9 Total Scholarship Recipients
$12,000 dispersed
3 Two Year Recipients
The 2018 scholarship is now open!
* Larkindale, J., Yang, W., Hogan, P. F., Simon, C. J., Zhang, Y., Jain, A., Habeeb-Louks, E. M., Kennedy, A. and Cwik, V. A. (2014), Cost of illness for neuromuscular diseases in the United States. Muscle Nerve, 49: 431–438. doi:10.1002/mus.23942